How to Construct a Reliable Wooden Shed


Do you have a lot of things at home that eat up your space? Not a problem! You can easily resolve that problem of yours by building your very own garden shed. A wooden shed can accommodate most of your gardening tools and other equipment so long as the item is small enough to fit in. For starters, an easier version could be built. There are a lot of DIY ready garden sheds that could be built on your garden with just basic tools and a modest understanding of carpentry. If you are still stuck in doubt about how to build one, here are some questions and their answers:

What’s the best material for the job?

Basically, any material will do but it’s more worth it to choose the best than just a “will do” material. There are three different materials that you could use for the construction namely wood, metal, and plastic. These three materials are the most widely used materials for shed building. Each material also has its own set of advantage and disadvantage so you have to make sure you choose the right one.

Most often the material of choice is wood. Since it can easily be molded into any desired shape, it is widely preferred by people who like to create their own shed design. It is also available in different varieties of texture and color. It is also affordable most of the time which allows you to experiment with the size and design of your garden sheds

What size is best for me?

The answer to this question depends on several factors like how much space you have on your area and how far your budget could go. Anyway, the smallest size for a shed is 5’x7’ but this could go up depending on your other purposes for a shed.

Can I have it insulated?

Yes you can. As a matter of fact, insulating your cheap shed or summerhouse makes a big difference in terms of lifespan and durability. You could use either fiberglass insulation or foam insulation. This entirely depends on your preference.

Will I need a building permit for the construction?

A building permit will only be required if your wooden shed reaches and goes beyond a certain size. If a shed reaches 30 square meters then you would need that permit. This also applies for either temporary or permanent summerhouses.

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